Sky is the limit

I’m enjoying photo challenges , enrolled myself in Tuesday photo challenge . I cannot restrain myself from posting these pictures .

This view is as seen from my grand ma ‘s house . my parents have built a culture with my brother and me to make sure that we visit our grandparents at least once a year . This year i made to grand ma’s home in late June

Late summers and waiting for the rains was the weather . I couldn’t stop myself from photographing river decorated with  aeraca nut tress forming the border the blue sky took my breath away . Maybe nature was saying me ” No one can beat my beauty and and Mankind has to preserve “. I have been to this place “N” number of times but this vacation made me feel to want this more and more . I think this is the best photo I can post under theme “Sky”IMG_4386IMG_4384 (1)

Author: Swathi

Hi guys, I’m Swathi. I'm passionate about reading. Id love to document my life experiences and thoughts through this blog. I long to learn from each aspect of my life.​ I'm an OBGYN by profession. I wish you all have happy read.

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