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Happy and prosperous 2018. To prosper in life health is a most important factor to consider. This year resolution is to be healthy physically and mentally. I have taken up resolutions many times before and ditched in the mid-year I’m taking this resolution with Blog chatter community.

I’m healthcare professional, on regular basis I talk about healthy lifestyle. what is good to eat and what not to eat when to eat, the importance of workout or yoga session. But how much do I follow? As it is said to practice before you preach.

This year of mine is dedicated to master these qualities and maintain my body mass index, and not to exceed waist and hip ratio.

I’m on healthy eating practice, we all know that “we are what we eat”. This year I want to focus on the regular practice of yoga and pranayama. As a part of syllabus during my professional have learned yoga, but as you know I tend to have lazy bone, this year it is time to tame lazy bones.

Well aware of yoga to body and mind. yes, yoga maintains the equilibrium of body and mind. all my female friends will agree to practice yoga with me if I say yoga can minimize menstrual blues. who wants to hear someone gossiping ‘she acting crazy or she is PMSing.

Yes, yes, PMS is an absolute normal, but I don’t want to make it evident. I want to lead my menstrual days as normal other das mentally. My body is strong enough to ignore the cramps. I can give a list of good points to involve yoga in regular practice for a women’s health to be on perfect card yoga is boon.

This post is written as a part of #chatter prompts Health



Happy new year

Happy new year 2018 . Hope this year brings lot of happiness , strength to overcome fears , to reach new horizons of life . Happiest new year and for coming days of 2018

I waited to witness today’s sunset and captured this beautiful view. With setting sun , pledge to learn from mistake and rise for new beginning . Happiest new year 2018 .

My train aquintance

Dears I happen to travel Delhi this month twice. Both the times I took the ShatabdiIMG_4356 train to Delhi. during my first journey, my seat was beside a middle-aged gentleman.  As my brain is trained watching crime series, I scanned the place around me and made myself comfortable. After a few minutes, I was into my kindle. the gentleman was busy on his laptop.

we were busy in our own worlds never bothered to strike a conversation. He sensed a strange factor in me when he heard me talking in Kannada over the phone. he leads the conversation by asking ” Delhi for a weekend gateway “? I was trained from childhood never to reveal the truth to strangers while traveling.  I was at my best to tell him my family stays in Delhi this shocked gentleman, the next question struck was you Tamilians stay in Delhi then I got his words, he mistook Kannada for Tamil.

I started thinking how can people think Kannada to be Tamil. then remembered my friends here telling Kannada/ Tamil / Malayalam sounds same to them.

Being from Karnataka I thought this is my duty to tell him that the language I’m speaking is Kannada, not Tamil.

I got back to his question ” how you Tamilians in Delhi ” I didn’t want to argue the cliched argument south Indians vs north Indians – I said him Delhi is my capital we stay and why not, he gave me broad smile and I didn’t talk about that more in the meantime we reached Delhi. we waved bye and left to our respective destination.

my next journey to Delhi was for Diwali holidays. I boarded my compartment to my surprise I’m seeing this gentleman and yes he is my co-passenger again.

I don’t know what to call this is this co-incidence or nature is giving me a sign or something . we both greeted each other happily. perched in the respective seat,

we covered almost all topics from roads in Haridwar, rains,. cultivation, weather and how the train is always late reaching Delhi.

Now on next visit to Delhi, I wait to meet this gentleman again.

disclaimer: all strangers are not this good though, meh.

Sky is the limit

I’m enjoying photo challenges , enrolled myself in Tuesday photo challenge . I cannot restrain myself from posting these pictures .

This view is as seen from my grand ma ‘s house . my parents have built a culture with my brother and me to make sure that we visit our grandparents at least once a year . This year i made to grand ma’s home in late June

Late summers and waiting for the rains was the weather . I couldn’t stop myself from photographing river decorated with  aeraca nut tress forming the border the blue sky took my breath away . Maybe nature was saying me ” No one can beat my beauty and and Mankind has to preserve “. I have been to this place “N” number of times but this vacation made me feel to want this more and more . I think this is the best photo I can post under theme “Sky”IMG_4386IMG_4384 (1)

Weekly photo challenge – Glow .

Glow is perfect word for positive vibes I can think of .  Glow symbolises happiness, health , prosperity . Since I belong to Ayurveda fraternity I want to add ,  Pitta dosha  is responsible for prabha which can be roughly translated to glow .

I was surfing my gallery for a perfect picture for the theme . Found these two apt .

This picture is taken during golden hour while returning from office . Bidding bye for the perfect day spent with beautiful portrait from nature . Note the orange tinge in the picture

sun glow

My piece on photo Challenge


I love capturing my day to day activities in my phone . I love to click and get clicked . I think this challenge is like  awesome .

These pictures are seen through my favourite gadget IPhone 6S .

cloud pattern

Best part of flight journey is you can click wonderful pictures. our’s was family trip to Guwahati to seek blessings from “Kamakhya Devi”.This trip was in early summer ,April 2017 .we were happy witnessing clouds and the various patterns they created. we could create imaginary bear, elephant ,bulls .

The present picture is photographed just few minutes landing .This piece is my contribution for weekly photo challenge under the theme “Scale”.

who I’m and Why I’m Here

Hello World ,

Im Swathi Chaturvedi . Im born and brought up in Mangalooru , caostal district of Karnataka and currently perched in Devbhoomi ( Haridwar ) . For a living I work as Assistant professor and teach Ayurveda gynaecology in college .

Blogging as I remember was always in corner of my head since i binge read blogs of Shobha de during my teens , I always wanted to write . I never dared to take first step . Maybe during college i didn’t explore my another side . Now I want to widen my horizon in terms of thoughts , writing , language and of course abundant confident in fast moving internet world .

Years passed on thinking what to pen down in blog . Initially followed a few blogs and extracted the idea . yes , one weekend I thought why not write about Ayurveda gynaecology , new experiences from the eyes of south Indian , and of course few random thoughts .

On a auspicious day ( as many of hard core Hindus do ) i wrote my first blog on PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome ) . This followed by two more subject related blogs . Since I own lazy bone I took a long relaxation time . on another auspicious day I stumbled on “First Friday” and i signed up for fundamentals of blogging . I took up the challenge to re assemble myself and share a new post . Wish me luck people .