Hospital-My workplace

From the year 2006, I’m trained to become part of the hospital. Doctors are pillars of the hospital. My dream is to become a good OBGYN, I’m in a pathway of achieving my dream. My current workplace is amazing with good people around.

I must say my workplace has contributed efficiently to my healthy pregnancy. I can call my department as my second home and my colleagues as family. blessed to be part of this department.

I’m not exaggerating, I very well know how a toxic working place can be, it has taken enormous energy and mental toiling to come out of that environment and settle for a better one. stress is one of the main factors for complicating pregnancy. When the mental status is under threat it becomes an easy game to conquer the body. There is a good number of journals publishing data related to stress.

stress during pregnancy is been linked to autism. Recurrent pregnancy loss is a burning issue in OBG clinic, yet again stress is the main cause. Neurobehavioral disorders and schizophrenia in later stages are due to stress in pregnancy.

Well, only a pregnant mother can know the anxiety causes with the thought of factors harming the fetus. A mother will do possible ways to make a better place for her infant.

How can we reduce or stay away from stress ??

I followed these steps dedicatedly and continue to do so,

    listening to music, I prefer classical music and made habbit to listen daily for an hour.

  • engaging in gossips and entertaining them
  • staying out of arguments.
  • keeping and staying calmer ( this part was difficult)
  • maintaining the smile on face and laughing for at least five minutes.

  • ending day with chatting and cuddling with husband.

These factors have helped me and I can vouch for the result .

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Ghee craving

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy and cravings go hand in hand. There are many heard stories where I learned pregnant women start hating a few foods and crave for certain food.

When we see through literature, the exact reason for craving is unknown. What we can understand is when the body is deficient of certain nutrients body demands more in the form of cravings. We can understand this fact and many ladies out there can vouch for the same. Cravings for sour things are most commonly heard. This is very well telecasted in Bollywood movies.

Yes, I was waiting eagerly for my craving to begin. I had specific cravings for ghee and sweets which are filled with ghee. We, I and my husband are hardcore foodies, so this phase of mine was expected. I was pampered with all sort of sweets available in the store. This craving lasted for about 2 months. There are days when I attended my cravings by eating ghee and jaggery. As I’m typing this it sounds ( tastes ) weird but those days I relished ( drooling).

Pica is a condition where women develop cravings for non-food substance, example- chalk, ice, brick, clay, and soap. By very nature, it indicates that women may be suffering from anemia or mineral deficiency. The doctor understands this condition and prescribes the pill accordingly. Yes, these cravings are not to be fulfilled but should be alarmed. Cravings as such are an important sign to know the deficiency of the body. This the beauty of the human body isn’t it !!

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The new father

day  6 – Letter F

“we are becoming parents”  – this is what we screamed. my husband was excited, in a few months the excitement slowly sank. my husband is a doctor, so he was well aware of the physiology of pregnancy, and the changes body will go through.

sharing the things which we followed and benefit us :

Being patient: well some days are happy some days she will feel low . there is a crying spell. marked mood swings are witnessed. these are because of hormones, be patient and understanding.

reduce the stress of partner, my husband took over all household chores . after my work I had free time at home.

educate: by reading pregnancy related book .there are hundreds of book available. Accompanying wife to the doctor and being there with her . understanding the condition and stage of a wife. Understanding signs and symptoms will be life saver key .now days, on request sinologist allows the husband to the ultrasound room, which is plus point. where parents to be can see their baby and and listen to heart beat . This itself is heartwarming and gives utmost pleasure brings a sense of responsibility.

exercise : motivating wife to exercise and meditate . it is good for both baby and mother if the mother to stay active and fit. yes, the family stays happy if exercises together. staying happy and connected. Can also choose to be spiritual by chanting mantra together or listening to a soothing song. By following these it keeps the relationship alive and connected .

Take utmost care, there is a baby growing inside her. That’s all point I can think.

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Day 4- E

As a doctor I have always felt, why don’t patients get basic knowledge .i to think why don’t they ask right question with health seeker they consult. I have encountered both, either with too many irrelevant questions or no question at all. Well, I try to make it clear about the condition to the patient and one attendant.

I will stress on the point that anyone visiting doctor must educate oneself, ask the right questions with the doctor and try to understand. I know the terms used are not familiar to the common man,  doctors try to explain in a simpler way.

I work at the tertiary center, I have encountered most of the emergency cases wherein if a patient had reported early the outcome would have been better. the learned patient is always a plus point.

Patients must understand that no doctor is a magician. For a doctor each and every patient is important. A doctor-patient relationship will go well if there lies trust.

I would be happy if my patients narrate history neatly and answer the question asked patiently. Follow the prescribed medicines and investigation. Visit when scheduled.

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Dos and don’t​s

Day 3- D

we rejoiced and took time to settle down the excitement of becoming new parents. Now the entire focus was on being precautious. ( reminding myself all the complications of 1st trimester)

well, all complication are not preventable. we can assure safety from our end by following a few dos and don’ts

things to keep in mind :

Food: Well we all know the importance of food. what we eat make what we are today. I was cautious about the food which I consumed. I completely cut off junk, stale, street food. stuck to fresh home cooked food. I made my mind to drink at least 4-5 liters of water and lemon juice daily. I added lots of green leafy vegetables and cereals in the diet. prepared saviors of local and seasonal vegetables.

mental wellness: we all know the importance of mental health and how it is responsible for psychosomatic disorders. Well, in regard to my workplace tension it was not possible to be stress-free completely. I made a list of things which I had to follow daily. the list goes this way :

  • listening to classical music for 30 minutes daily, I picked up Carnatic flute.
  • listening and chanting the mantra, I chose vishnusahasranama and lalitasahasranama.
  • spending quality time with husband.
  • I focused on meditation too.
  • I made it strict to sleep for 7-8 hours
  • I cut compltely cut off daily soap on television, though I was addicted to few, this was the tough part.
  • made a point to read 1 book a month. I could finish only 6 book in 9 months .

exercise: I did not do any particular exercise or followed.  my exercise was taking rounds in the hospital and climbing stairs at the hospital and my apartment. my home is on the second floor . work is mainly in the second and third floor at the hospital.


I cut off caffeine intake, I was a coffee addict.

I’m a teetotaler, so it’s cut off the list.

I always argued with mom when she advised on customs to be followed, quite few I followed.

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Stay cautious


Day 3- C

In my observation as an obstetrician, I have seen pregnant ladies being cautious in later months than 1st trimester. ( first 3 months of pregnancy).

why is it important? 

It might seem strange, but you’re not actually pregnant the first week or two when the crucial foundation growth has started

Conception typically occurs about two weeks after the last period begins. To calculate your due date, your health care provider will count ahead 40 weeks from the start of your last period. This means your period is counted as part of your pregnancy — even though you weren’t pregnant at the time.

The time when the lady knows she is pregnant the foundation step for all the organs has taken place- the closure of neural tube, development of the brain, development of limb buds, formation of the nose.

I can say being informed, or planned pregnancy will take a good course. The importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle prior to becoming pregnant plays a role here.

Yes, I  abided the by the rules, with struggling thought I was ready to take the fact. Finally, the day arrived for my next repeat ultrasound to check the appearance of cardiac activity .  throughout the waiting period I had to be positive and stress-free, being stress-free was near to impossible in my 8-10 hours of hospital duty.

I Thanked almighty when I heard that beautiful lub dub for the first time. we burst to happy tears and were ready to take the responsibility in bringing up the new life.

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Basal investigation

B- #blogchatterA2Z

As we move on further . the next immediate question arises is,

IS everything normal?

once pregnancy is confirmed, ( urine pregnancy test is positive ) obstetrician advises basic investigation to check the health condition of the body.

first, visit obstetrician marks for the blood pressure and weight measurement. complaints will be noted down and treated accordingly.

set of investigations are advised –

  • blood group ( women bearing negative (Rh negative) blood group calls for further blood investigations.
  • complete blood count
  • viral marker( includes HIV, hepatitis)
  • fasting blood sugar and postprandial sugar level
  • obstetrical ultrasound
  • urine routine.

yes, once the investigations are done and when a doctor approves there is a sigh of relief.

I underwent all the test, but there was one test which gave chills in the spine.

in an abdominal ultrasound, the heartbeat is seen around 7-8 week and in vaginal ultrasound seen around 6 weeks. if the heartbeat is not seen it indicates a miscarriage. my ultrasound was done at 7 weeks and showed no cardiac activity . text also says that we can wait for another 15 days if there are no signs of miscarriage. I had fallen to this group with no sign of miscarriage.

we were completely lost and yes we were knowing no medicines will achieve the functioning heart. The happiness which two lines gave vanished. two weeks of complete stress, I wanted to unlearn whatever I studied in my medical carrier and wait for some magic to happen. random negative thoughts had taken over my mind. I remember reading the whole chapter at least 3-4 times to gain some hope of ray.

oh god, those 7 days were slowest days of my life

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